Mobile Handheld (MHH)


Biscit Mobile Handheld is a leading edge, warehouse management native mobile application with a slick and modern user interface.

  • First Class Modern Native Application
  • Fast & accurate information
  • Modern & simple user interface
  • Fully integrated to Epicor ERP
  • Part level validation
  • Configurable scan validation
  • Built for Epicor using the Epicor Mobile Framework
  • Complex sorting and filtering options
  • Shortcut favorites
  • Automated workflows trigged by scan events
  • Record counters highlight priority and total queue entries

Fast and accurate interaction with Epicor ERP


All you need to process an inbound container or purchase order. Intercompany and Transfer order receipts. Effective and efficient Serial and lot processing. Multiple UOM scanning. Search for all open PO’s for a part by scanning parts barcode.


Provides the core warehousing functions allowing user to instigate adjustments and movements from the warehouse floor. Increased efficiency with cycle counts and stock takes. Efficient entry with automated workflows triggered by scan events.


Display material queue by full page item view or list view. Users can efficiently pick items assigned to their queue, grab items from the available queue or return items back to the queue. Users can select an outbound order (transfer or sales) and the system will allocate to “My outbound orders” allocating all material queue transactions related to the order to the user’s queue. Advanced sort and filter functionality has been added allowing user to save to a named query and dynamically add to the sub menu. Unpicking sales or transfer orders also available


Scan pick, scan pack validation option. Process outbound shipments direct from device. Functions include creating Master Packs and standard Pick Lists for customers not licensed for AMM.


Trackers used to help the shop / Warehouse user in completing their daily routine are provided on the handheld.

View the product overview slides and brief demonstration, as presented at the 2018 Epicor Momentum conference