Epicor Consulting Services

Implementation Services

BISCIT’s innovative approach and unique implementation process for deploying ERP can allow us to have clients live within a couple of months.

Our comprehensive Epicor knowledge and consultancy experience enables us to effectively advise on how to configure and use the system, specific to each clients’ needs. Based on initial discussions with clients, we assume we know 75%-85% of the configuration required. We believe in spending the necessary time up-front to understand what is unique about each business and confirm requirements through workshops and detailed client research before delivering a prototype solution. After reviews and changes are applied, a conference room pilot commences, where clients have the opportunity to run their new business processes through the pilot system. After a successful pilot, the project moves into the execution and cutover phase. This innovative approach and unique implementation can allow us to have clients live within a couple of months.

Customisation and Technical Services

When standard forms, fields or processes don’t satisfy the business’ needs, BISCIT can modify or add functionality to suit the requirements.

Our team helps clients with all technical aspects of an Epicor ERP solution. These services can range from changes to screens, reports and automated processing, through to major development work such as creating new client specific modules. The BISCIT team provides integration between Epicor ERP and third party systems.

We have expertise in:

  • Epicor ERP Extensions
  • Advanced Print Management and DocLink
  • Advanced Print Routing
  • Service Connect
  • Epicor Commerce Connect
  • Customisations, Dashboards, Business Process Management
  • Epicor Mobile Framework
  • Epicor SDK

Technical services are also available
with these core technologies:

  • MS.NET Full Stack Technologies
  • MS Windows Server
  • MS Windows SQL Server
  • Amazon Web Services


User-friendly onsite or telephone training is available to groups or individuals, covering any area of software use and functionality.

The training BISCIT provides is always tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients. This ranges from clarifying simple procedures to maximise software efficiency and effectiveness, through to getting detailed technical advice to enable the client to better manage their own systems. Our product and systems training is a valuable component to our commitment to comprehensive, client-driven service.


Fast and responsive post-implementation support services:

Standard Support

Our team have the tools to remotely access, diagnose and fix issues, but can also be on-site when required. Standard BISCIT Help Desk services are available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm AEST and requests can be logged via our client portal, by sending an email, or by phone. BISCIT can be your one point of contact for all Epicor support needs.

Premium Support

Over and above the Standard Support Service described above, BISCIT can offer a Premium Service. Our Premium Service can be geared to any specific client need and can include all services associated with a typical managed services engagement. We have clients today for whom BISCIT perform all the system and database admin tasks typically required of a fully managed service.


Staying up-to-date with the current version of Epicor benefits software performance, compatibility and business stability.

We actively encourage clients to stay up to date with the current Epicor software. To achieve this, we work with each client to determine the best ongoing solution – reducing administration workload and any uncertainty surrounding staying ‘current’. We also ensure your business is running software that has optimal performance and continues to satisfy your ongoing needs.

Report Writing

How a report is presented, as well as having all of the relevant content included, can vastly alter the effectiveness of your Epicor ERP solution.

Epicor Consulting Services - Premium Support

Our team can modify how your reports look and feel to suit the company’s specific style guide and branding needs, including reformatting and adding additional data. BISCIT can customise existing standard reports to suit a business’ unique reporting requirements, as well as create completely custom SSRS reports.


Customised dashboard development tailored to suit the specific business needs can improve usability and overall client satisfaction.

BISCIT provides clients the opportunity to select what data is shown and what filters should be made available in their customised dashboard configuration. Fully operational dashboards can allow clients to monitor data in real time, use filters to refine information, use graphs and charts to visually represent the data, as well as provide summaries and group data to clearly see totals and end results.

Business Process Managements (BPMs)

Identify and improve processes to make your business more efficient, improve business agility, and optimise essential resources.

For any action or event within Epicor ERP we can execute custom code, perform data validation, display custom error or informational messages to notify the user, send out custom email notifications, and output log or data files.

Business Activity Queries (BAQs)

Epicor BAQs are extremely useful tools for defining relevant content, allowing clients to share and collaborate using their real time data.

BISCIT Consulting Services 2

BISCIT can ensure clients are taking full advantage of the Epicor BAQs by creating custom data queries for reporting, developing updateable BAQs that allow data to be entered by the user, as well as setting up a BAQ export schedule.